6 Great Storage Ideas for Your Christmas Decorations

6 Great Storage Ideas for Your Christmas Decorations

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we spend a lot of time and effort making our homes look and feel festive, especially if you have little ones running around. Once the presents are unwrapped and the holidays are over we’re always left with the same dilemma… where to store everything! So whether you’re just trying to make some space for new toys and gadgets or you’re wanting to keep your Christmas decorations in good order for next year, we have a few handy hints and storage tips to keep your home feeling fresh and uncluttered in the New Year!

1. Protect your baubles!

Everyone likes to keep their baubles in good working order and leaving them to float around in boxes can crush them or cause them to shatter. A great way to store your baubles is to use an egg carton. It’ll keep them nice and tidy, and make them easier to box up safely for storage through the slightly less festive months. If you have particularly large baubles you can use cardboard drinks holders, most frequently found at fast food restaurants.

2. Funky shapes? No problem…

If the shape of your tree ornaments is a little less than regular you can use tissue paper and takeaway boxes to keep your precious decorations in tip-top condition for next year. Clear containers make for great storage solutions… you won’t need to tip everything out to find what you’re looking for! It will also make them easier to store in larger containers with your egg cartons full of baubles!

3. Wrap your wrapping paper 😉

Ripping open presents is probably the best feeling in the world… but rolls of wrapping paper flopping around in a closet for the rest of the year is a bit of a pain. We’ve found that the best way to store it is to fire on a cheeky elastic band to keep the rolls nice and tight, then put them into a garment bag on a hanger. It’ll keep all your rolls together and ready to use. If you feel like you’re ready to take it up a level you can chuck in your ribbons, sellotape, and a pair of scissors. That way you’ll be ready to wrap ‘n’ roll whenever the mood takes you!

4. Do your fairy lights always tangle during the summer months? Fear not, we have the solution!

Cables have a life of their own. From headphones, to guitar leads, to fairy lights, you can coil them as perfectly as possible and it will never be enough. Whip them out and they are a tangled mess. “How can I prevent this?”, I hear you cry. Well, we’re going to use a material that is in abundance at this time of year… Cardboard. Get yourself a sheet of the stuff from the side of a box or a board from a gift, and wrap your lights and cable around the sheet. Not only will it prevent it from tangling, but you can write little notes to yourself to identify missing or faulty bulbs or strands. Perfect.

5. Tangled Tinsel Trouble?

Tinsel is funny stuff. It looks great, but it seems to have a life of its own! How can we store it and prevent it wrapping itself around everything else in the decorations box? Two words. Pringles tube. You can keep your tinsel nice and tidy by storing it in Pringles tubes or even water bottles.

6. Tree-mendous Storage Solutions for your reusable Christmas Tree

How can you keep your tree looking fresh for future festivities? Cling film. Shrink wrapping your tree not only makes it skinnier and easier to handle, it will also protect it from damage and prepare it for storage during the 11 months you don’t need it in your life.
Where can I keep all my Christmas stuff?

Here at Aabsolute Self Storage we can provide safe and dry self-storage all year round to keep your home clutter free and your decorations in great condition, ready to use next time Santa rolls into town.


From everyone here, have an Aabsolutely fabulous Christmas =)