Preparing your Skiing Gear for Summer Storage

We’ve already spoken about ski maintenance in a previous article, but how should we get our skis ready for storage over the summer? This is often overlooked off season as they sit in a cupboard, attic or garage for months on end. Leaving them to their own devices can cause damage and deterioration, reducing performance for the following season and the overall lifespan of the skis.

But have no fear! There are a few simple steps you can take to prep your skis for storage that will keep your gear in good working order.

Loosen the DIN settings on both toe pieces and move the heels into the ski position. This will lower the tension in the springs and prevent damage to your bindings and increase their lifespan.

Clean the top sides of your skis with warm water then carefully dry them, ensuring no fluid is trapped between the bindings and the skis.

Next up, scrub down the underside of your skis with a base cleaner. Oils and compounds can build up over time, especially from slopes using snow makers, and if they’re not removed before storage they can work their way into your base material and make next season’s wax application less effective.

Once the skis have been thoroughly cleaned, check the edges! Remove any burrs and sharpen the edges using an edge file. Left untreated, these burrs can lead to rust and reduce the working life of your skis. If you don’t have much experience doing this you can have this done by a local ski shop.

Now it’s time to wax those skis! Give it a thick coat, evenly distributed across the entire ski and over the edges. This will seal your skis and prevent them drying out during the summer months.

Remember to clean and store your ski-boots too!

All that’s left to do is to decide where to store your skiing gear during the piste-less months… If you don’t have space to keep your skis AND your mountain bike at the house then Aabsolute may have the solution. We can provide self storage lockers, units, and solutions to suit your needs right here in Glasgow.