How to store your Ski Boots off-season

The last thing you want when you pull your ski boots out of storage to hit the slopes is that smell. You know the one. It’s distinctively disgusting. A combination of bacteria, sweat, damp, foam, and plastic. Lovely stuff.

But have no fear, at Aabsolute Storage Glasgow, we’ve put together a handy guide to freshen up your footwear and keep them aroma-free for your next snowy sojourn…

Here’s what you’re gonna need;

  • Something absorbent; silica gel beads or newspaper
  • Soft toothbrush
  • Boot tree
  • Mild soap
  • Washcloth
  • Desk or box fan, or a hairdryer

First up, get the liner out of those boots. Hang them to dry in front of a fan or use a hair dryer on a cool setting. Don’t put them in front of an open fire or a heater! If you can’t remove the liner then use the absorbent material by placing it in the toe of the boot to soak up the moisture. Silica gel beads are super handy. Collect them whenever you can from new furniture or shoe boxes whenever you can. They can be used over and over again by drying them out. If you have purchased your beads (and they aren’t in breathable sachets) you can put them in the toe of some old tights or leggings and tie them off. If you only have newspaper, scrunch it up and pack it into the liner of the boot.

If you’ve managed to remove your liners and they’re a bit on the smelly side then you may want to wash them… resist the temptation to fire them in the washing machine! That may beat up the foam and decrease the lifespan of the liners. Instead, gently hand wash the liners in a basin with warm water and a mild soap, then air dry them (outside in the fresh air if possible).

Next up, it’s time to clean your boots! Use the washcloth to wipe the hard surfaces of the boot, and get between the buckles and into the corners with the soft toothbrush. After you’ve given the boots a once over with some warm water, add some mild soap and give them another clean. Be sure to clean out the inside of the boot if you’ve removed the liner!

Now you have to air dry your boots. You can use the desk fan again to speed up the process.

Once the boots are cleaned, dried, and rebuilt it’s time to get them ready for storage! Pop in some boot trees so that they keep their shape while they’re not being used, making sure the tongue of the boot is lying flat. Fasten the buckles so the boot lightly grips the boot tree and no more. Get a storage bag for each boot, and then you’ll need to find a dark and dry environment place to store your ski and snowboard boots.

Don’t have too much extra space at home for your hibernating gear? Here at Aabsolute Self-Storage we have a range of options to suit your needs, from lockers to full size storage units. Give us a call today!

By following these tips you’ll be increasing the lifespan of your boots and keeping them nice and hygienic for seasons to come!