Some more common items you might want to put into storage!

Collectables and Valuable Items

If you’re trying to sell your home then you may wish to consider placing your collectables and valuable items into storage until you’ve completed the process. Your cool stuff might not seem to cool to prospective buyers; they want to be able to imagine their own cool stuff in their potential new home.

Preparing your collections for storage can be a bit of a minefield and packing tips vary depending on what you’re wanting to put into self storage. Luckily we have dealt with these exact issues before in our blog.

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Film and Music Collections

DVDs, CDs, and videotapes were all the rage in years gone past, but more and more of us are living in the digital age, streaming or downloading our content and watching it online. That doesn’t mean we want to throw away decades of music or film we physically own. To get the best of both worlds, why not digitally convert your films and music and place them onto hard disks or personal servers, and prepare your physical collection for self storage?

Try to keep the media in their original cases, dust the covers, then put your CDs and DVDs into airtight containers. This will prevent moisture damage in storage. Keep them off the floor and place the containers on shelving units. It might also be helpful to store your collection in alphanumeric order and label your containers!

Storing Books

Even in this digital age, books are expensive, especially academic textbooks, but keeping them in the home can really eat up space. If you can’t bear to part with your books then you might want to consider putting them somewhere for safekeeping.

To prepare books for storage it is best to organise and box them. Labelling the boxes will make the books easier to retrieve, and you may want to consider getting your hands on some storage shelving. Cover the books with a light material to prevent dust accumulation and light damage. If you’ve decided to place the books in boxes, try to place sheets of cardboard (or another breathable material) between the books to prevent damage and reduce the potential for damp or mildew.

Vehicle or Car Storage

It may sound odd, but some people put their vehicles into secure storage if they are going on holiday or on a long trip. Sometimes it’s just for a car or bike that isn’t currently being used, or if the owner has no space outside their home.

To prepare a vehicle for long term storage, first make sure there is fuel in the tank. This will prevent an internal rust build up. Make sure the car is thoroughly cleaned inside so it doesn’t attract unwanted pests and mold, and wash and wax the exterior to reduce the risk of corrosion. Changing the oil before storage will also make it easier to start the vehicle when it is retrieved. To prevent acid leaking from the battery you should disconnect it once it is in place. Finally, cover the vehicle to prevent dust build up on the surface and in the air intakes.

Seasonal Items

Every year we spend a fortune making our homes look festive for the holiday season, and many of the decorations can be reused again in future. That means we need to figure out where to put them for the rest of the year and how to pack them away. So, whether you want to store winter bedding, festive decorations, or seasonal sports equipment, self storage provides a great solution to keep the clutter at bay for the rest of the year.

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