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Our lives are always changing and evolving in different ways, whether you’re moving home, going travelling for a while, renovating your property, or even had a change in taste. For whatever reason, you may not want to leave your artwork hanging on your walls. Instead of selling it or risking damage during a move or renovation you could pack it away safe and sound to protect your artwork and keep it in great condition for future use.

Step 1: Cleaning and pre-storage care

Cleaning and light maintenance goes a heck of a long way toward preserving your artworks and keeping them looking tip top. Make sure you gently wipe down the surfaces with a microfiber cloth before working a little oil into metal components to prevent rusting or oxidization. Polish will also protect wooden frames from light damage and moisture whilst in storage.

Step 2: Preparing your artwork for storage.

Frames and canvas can be easily damaged. To prevent knocks causing chips and to protect the structural integrity of your framed artwork you can cover and tape down the corners of the artwork with cardboard to reduce the risk of damage in transit or from contact with the floor or shelving units in storage. For additional protection, you can also use blankets or bubble wrap.

If your artwork is unframed, resist the urge to roll it up for storage! Rolling your paintings can cause creasing and cracks in the paint, ruining the work. Instead, wrap it in sheets of glassine to provide air and water resistance, then place the work between two protective layers of thick cardboard, foamboard, or plywood to prevent unwanted damage or bending.

Once you’ve wrapped your artwork to protect it from knocks and scrapes the next step is to prevent moisture damaging your paintings while they are in storage. The best way to do this is to place the piece into a plastic bag and sealing it before putting it into a storage box. You can find boxes for packing artwork easily on Amazon or most art stores like Millers on Stockwell Street, Glasgow.

Step 3: Storing your Artworks.

So, you’ve packed up your artwork and now you need somewhere to put it…

There are three major factors to consider when you’re choosing your storage solution. Moisture, light, and temperature. A unit within a climate neutral environment will be required to maintain a low level of humidity and dramatically reduce the risk of significant fluctuations in temperature.

It’s also important to ensure that your artwork is kept in an upright position when placed in storage – NEVER stack or store paintings flat. That’s just asking for trouble!

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