Selling Your Home? Storing Your Collectibles Part 4 of 4

In this final part of our series on selling your home we’re going to look at preparing your ornaments and collectibles for storage and transport. Prospective buyers don’t really want to see all your ornaments, figurines, and toys covering the shelving units in your home. They want to image their stuff in that space. To them, your much loved limited edition figurines are just junk getting in the way of their vision and dreams of their potential new home. We’ve all seen our fair share of broken ornaments, damaged figurines, and cracked crockery, so it’s important that we protect your cool stuff to give you peace of mind while it’s out of sight. It’s even more important to follow this guidance if you’re shipping your collectibles or preparing them for transit.

The Do Nots!

NEVER use newspaper or crumpled up paper as a packing material. Ink from newspaper print can transfer onto your items and potentially ruin them. As far as paper and newspaper goes for padding, paper will become more and more compact with movement, meaning that over time it will flatten and provide absolutely no shock absorption whatsoever. Don’t use flimsy boxes. You’re going to want to use double walled or thick cardboard boxes for storage. If you stack boxes that aren’t designed to be stacked then you’re may experience crush damage to boxes and items at the bottom of the stack.

But have no fear, the Aabsolute blog is here!

If you have unboxed figurines or ornaments to pack then your best bet is to order some packing peanuts to provide a shock absorbing layer between your item and the box in which you want to pack it. They come in many varieties, including anti-static and biodegradable, and even in different colours. Remember to put a layer of packing material in the box before you put in your wrapped ornament!

More Tips to Prevent Damage…

Another great way to prevent damage is to wrap items in bubble wrap before packing them in boxes. If you don’t like using plastic bubble wrap, you can use eco friendly alternatives to safely wrap your ornaments for storage. Don’t use heavy duty tape to secure the bubble wrap. If you struggle to remove it there is more chance of the item becoming damaged. The more space you have between the outer box and your carefully wrapped item, the less likely it is to suffer any puncture damage if the box is dropped or mishandled.

To stack or not to stack, that is thy question!

Once your items are wrapped and padded in their cardboard boxes the best way to further protect them is to use plastic storage boxes with lids. This will help to prevent air and moisture getting to your collectibles. If you use rigid plastic boxes it is likely that they are designed to be safely stacked with no need to worry about crush damage to the boxes at the bottom of the stack.

Now you’re ready for storage!

Now your collectibles are ready to store, it’s time to get them out of sight so prospective buyers can get a clear view of your property. It’s important to keep your items in a stable environment and free of damp and moisture because extremes in temperature can crack or break porcelain, ceramic, glass, and pottery. That means your attic or garage may be a no go (unless it’s temperature controlled!). Aabsolute Self Storage Glasgow offers a climate neutral environment, free of moisture and changes in temperature. We can give you the peace of mind that your valuables are safe and secure, ready for you to collect when you move to your new place =)