How to Store Winter Bedding like a Boss

Feeling a bit chilly this winter? Maybe it’s time to upgrade the duvet and sheets to something with a higher tog factor! What’s that, I hear you cry? You have nowhere to store more bedding in your linen closet? Why should you have to endure the cold hard winter with a summer duvet? With that in mind, here’s some handy tips to help you store your bulky bed clothes for the summer once our part of the planet heats up again (a little… let’s face it, we’re in Glasgow!).

A Clean Duvet is an Happy Duvet 🙂

Before you put your wonderfully warm winter duvets into storage you’re going to want to wash it. Be sure to check the label on the duvet for instructions. Most duvets are machine washable, but some may need to be taken to your local dry cleaner if they are dry clean only or don’t comfortably fit in your washing machine. All clean? Now we’re ready for phase 2!

Air It!

Once you’ve put your duvets and quilts through the wash you’re going to want to hang them up. Airing your quilts outside and drying them naturally is an ideal way to keep them fresh and in great condition. You need to make sure that they’re completely dry before you are ready to pack them away for the summer months… a damp duvet is not an happy duvet!

Hoover It!

Give your duvets and quilts a once over with your hoover. That should collect any loose fluff or dust on your bed clothes. Remember to remove any dirt, grit, or debris from your vacuum cleaner nozzle before you do this! The last thing you want is to pack away dirty sheets! Now we’re ready for packing…

Vacuum bags are your best friend.

Is storage space at a premium in your home? Pack your bed clothes in vacuum bags to squeeze the air out of your laundry. Vacuum bags are not only a great way to save space and keep your bed clothes fresh for next winter, they’ll also protect your bedding from dust mites, dampness, water damage, and creepy crawlies.

No space in your home? No problem!

Once you have your winter bedding cleaned and packed away, you can prepare them for storage by placing the vacuum bags into plastic storage tubs and bringing them to us here at Aabsolute Self Storage. We have storage solutions to suit your needs, from lockers to walk in units, so we can help you de-clutter your home by storing your winter duvets through the summer months.