Why Glasgow Business Owners Use Self-Storage

Data gathered by the Self Storage Association shows that 85% of people want their self storage unit to be nearby, ideally no more than a 15 minute trip. They want to be able to quickly and reliably access their goods and valued items should they need them.

In Glasgow it’s not different, and our locations make our sites easy to access quickly from any part of the city. Aabsolute Self Storage have units ideally situated in Queenslie Park industrial estate and in Dalmarnock. Both are easily accessible with easy access from the M8 and M74 motorways, and have solutions from a 10 square foot locker to 100 square foot rooms.

One of the main reasons for anyone to use self storage is to free up some space. Your business may be feeling the need to expand your office space or you may just need more space for stock or merchandising materials.

For retailers, seasonal stock and decorations can be a headache when it comes to keeping the place decluttered and it can restrict access and productivity if you have to work around it on a daily basis. If you’ve reached your storage limit and need a little elbow room, then self-storage is an affordable solution to suit your needs. Aabsolute offer flexible leases on seasonal storage.

Office supplies can also take up a huge amount of office space. Many businesses buy stationery and paperstock in bulk, but no one needs reams and reams of paper lying around until they need it. Storage lockers are a perfect place to keep your office supplies out of sight and ready to collect when you need them.

Document archives seem to have a tendency to build up over the years, and there are some documents that businesses are bound by law to keep in their possession. That doesn’t mean they have to live in the office though. Most of them don’t need to be accessed on a daily basis, and many Glasgow businesses trust Aabsolute with their sensitive tax records and customer invoices and receipts.

All of these things can be stored securely in an Aabsolute self storage unit, without the need to consider the expense of an office upgrade or additional warehousing.